Hello, to all who will end up reading this, I am called Bethany Birdoday. Yes, I know it’s odd, but whatever. The point is, I am starting this blog partly at the behest of one of my close relatives and then also because I think it could be interesting. I make no promises of what all will be on here nor how often I will be posting on here, as that will likely be depending on the things going on in my life.

The general expectation of what I plan to post on here is essentially my thoughts regarding a subject, likely something that has come to my attention of late in some fashion. For example, my grandmother is suffering from dementia and the physical effects of aging, so I will probably soon be making a post or two related to these.

I will come out and say that much of what I have on here will likely be rather dark, so just keep that in mind. To emphasize this point, my first non-introductory post on here will be a bit of a background that talks about some of my history and what has, I suppose, shaped some of how I think, for better or worse.

With that, I will cease with further rambling here and leave that for my future posts on here to continue and further elaborate what I mean. I hope you enjoy the content here and find it interesting, at the very least.


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